6 reservable 12' wide Room-scale
Virtual Reality spaces
each equipped with the HTC Vive.

Come in to experience the next wave of technology.

$40 / hr / hex

Please book your time

via email info@colonyvr.com,
through facebook @ColonyVR, or
by telephone 613-851-0088

About Us:

Who We Are:

A family of fresh faced entrepreneurs who got a little too excited about Virtual Reality.

What We Do:

Invite the public to experience Virtual Reality in our studio.

What We Hope to Do:

Create the next wave of VR software and augmenting hardware. Have fun. Shape the future.

About Our Name:

In nature, a colony is a collective that works together for the betterment of all. To date, humanity’s experience of colonization has been problematic. To succeed in the future we must do better. Colony VR is committed to undertaking this (ad)venture respecting the people, community and environment we are part of.

Our Facilities:

The Studio

2000 sqft light industrial space.

Six 12 foot wide ‘hex pods’ to support a true room scale experience.

Each 'hex' is equipped with a 55” TV, bar table and stools so friends can watch.

Our Studio is wheelchair accessible.

Light refreshments available.

The Technology

We feature the HTC Vive

powered by NVIDIA GTX1080 graphics cards, and

4 GHz 32 GB Intel i7s.

General Hours:

Tuesday:5 pm - 9 pm+
Wednesday:5 pm - 9 pm+
Thurday:5 pm - 9 pm+
Friday:5 pm - 10 pm+
Saturday:noon - 10 pm+
Sunday:noon - 9 pm+

* Group and complete facility bookings are available, please contact us.

+ Reservations possible outside of regular hours, contact us to inquire.


We are located in Little Italy just off of Preston Street.

58 Beech Street, K1S 3J6, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Parking Information:

Street parking is free after 5:30 pm and
free all day on Saturday and Sunday.

We are also conveniently located across from a commercial parking lot with a $4 flat rate after 6 pm

Suitable for:

*catering and special event liquor licence available

Title Selection:

Because everything about Virtual Reality is so new, our gaming and experience selection is ever growing and ever changing. Our selection will have several permanent titles as well as constant flow of new games to keep things current and exciting. We will be testing these new games at the beginning of every month and voting on which games we choose to keep in the coming month’s rotation. If you have a specific game in mind let us know when you are making your reservation.

Before You Play:

House Rules:

Be excellent to each other.

Party on dudes!

More specifically in multiplayer games with folks locally and around the world keep your language clean and treat players and their avatars with respect.

Items of Note:


You may not need your glasses if you are nearsighted.

You can however wear glasses in the VR headset if the rims are not too big.

A good guidline is that if, without eyeware, you can clearly see your finger tips with your arm extended then you won't need to wear your corrective lenses.


Mind your hairdo! You won’t be able to fit into the headset if you are wearing your hair in a topknot or high placed bun.

While many VR experiences are gentle and laid-back, please keep in mind that many of the games are physically active.

When playing games it is common to get fatigued and work up a sweat as you play.

Liability Waiver:

Signing the liability waiver is necessary to play.

TL/DR Liability Waiver:

  1. I am legally able to make a binding agreement for myself or my child.
  2. I understand and agree that there are some inherent risks to playing VR.
  3. I understand these risks and agree to play despite them.
  4. I understand that Colony VR staff can reduce, but not get rid of, these risks.
  5. I understand and agree that if I or my child gets injured Colony VR is not liable.
  6. I understand and agree that I may be liable for any damages caused by me or my child to Colony VR’s property and equipment.
  7. I understand and agree that I can be refused service by Colony VR in the event that I or my child is not following Colony VR’s rules.
  8. I understand and agree to Colony VR’s reservation, cancellation and refund policies.
  9. I understand and agree to Colony VR taking and using pictures and/or videos of me or my child in promotional material.
  10. I understand and agree that Colony VR retains all intellectual property produced on site.
  11. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that all content selected by me or my child is deemed appropriate.

By signing this waiver, I understand agree to all points made above and thereby in certain cases waive certain legal rights, including the right to sue. I understand that this is not Colony’s official liability waiver but a shortened version for those of us who wouldn’t have read it otherwise.

Privacy Policy:

The Colony VR Privacy Policy